Pipe & Cable Locator

Pipe & Cable Locator

We have 3 different pieces of Locating equipment to help find and diagnose any underground plumbing problems you might have, so we can then explain what is happening.



  1. Our See-Snake (full colour CCTV drain camera) will locate any defects in your drain such as tree roots, broken pipes, grease and solidified fats.

 pipe and cable locator

It has an “on screen” distance counter for accurately measuring the distance travelled down the pipe. A transmitter installed behind the camera head will precisely pin point drains under concrete and meters deep underground.

We at Z- Men Plumbing will mark out services and can immediately burn a report to DVD for you on site or e-mail it to you if required. All the
information to make the diagnostic decisions and solutions of your drained problems are included in the report.

We will quote on any drainage repairs anywhere in the Brisbane general area. Contact us 0417 633 347.

Many builders and plumbers in the Brisbane area have used our services over the last 10 years before, during and after construction to insure the services are undamaged and clear of any obstructions.
At Z-Men Plumbing, we also have a range of specialised tools and machines to clear any blocked drains that are discovered.


  1. The Scout & Navitrack Locator picks up on all electrical activity in the vicinity.

pipe cable locatorPipes and cables are located by transmitter and receiver. The principle used is the creation of an electromagnetic field inside the service with a signal generated by the transmitter. Coupling can be done to metallic services by direct connection to the service or by induction clamp were the signal is spread with an integrated antenna into the service. Non metallic services required a tracer to be inserted into pipe or conduit.

When a circuit has been established by the transmitter, the receiver will be able to follow and measure the depth of the service on the chosen radiofrequency. For live electrical services a passive mode of 50 Hz will locate electrical services.

Brisbane pest control companies often use Z-men Plumbing to mark services before drilling concrete paths and driveways for their external barrier.


  1. The Primayer Sonic Water leak detector is a sonic listening device, with a highly sensitive electronic microphone and digital reader.


pipe and cable locatorLeaking pipes are found using ether a floor microphone or probe. The noise created by the water leak can be amplified and listened to at different frequencies to best indentify the leak.

Measurements of the noise caused by the leaking water are displayed on the digital reader enabling us to move over the leak and locate it.

The listening device is best used in conjunction with the Navitrack and Scout equipment.

Z- Men plumbing has successfully located and repaired many leaking and burst water pipes in Brisbane for householders, body corporate and industrial companies.


Local conditions can make locating some leaks difficult to find, but we will always find the leak or provide a solution to your problem.



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