No hot water

If you have no hot water, the first thing to check is if there is cold water coming out of your hot water taps.

If there is no water coming out, call the plumber straight away. It will probably be a blockage in the filter or a faulty inlet (duo) valve.

If there is cold water coming out:

  • If you have a GAS HEATER, check your gas pilot light is on inside the heater. If the pilot light will not start or you see water inside the heater, call a plumber.
  • If you have an ELECTRIC HEATER check the fuse or contactor at your switch broad. Then reset that to see if it fails again. Also check for water leaking from your hot water system. If it is, call a plumber.


Also it’s important to check your hot water system for water running from the relief valve as this will drain the cylinder of hot water, costing you far more on your power or gas bill.

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