Hot Water

Hot Water

A professional plumber is a certified tradesman trained and accredited in repair and installation of your hot water system.

Hot water problems can be caused by the following things:


1. The cylinder is leaking
The signs of this are no hot water or hissing sound coming from the cylinder. If this is the case, check if your hot water system or not. If it is electrical turn off the power at the switch board, turn the water off at the hot water system and contact us. We will make every effort to have your system replaced on the day.

We can replace any electric or solar hot water system from 50 – 315 litres and remove the old cylinder for you. Most brands are available to be installed in Brisbane.

A Plumbing Industry Council form 4 is required to be submitted by us for all hot water system and tempering valve replacements, which is your guarantee that the job is done to water plumbing

Systems can be installed in the same place or relocated. Safe trays can be fitted if your cylinder is inside to protect your home from water damage.

All new hot water systems are required to have tempering valves fitted to have the water arrive at 50 degrees.


2. ECV (Expansion Control Valve)
This valve relieves the pressure of the expanding water as it heats inside the cylinder. While the system is heating a little water should leak from the drain connected to this valve. I fit runs continually it will need to be replaced.


3. T/P (Temperature and Pressure)
This valve protects the cylinder from the damage of overheating and excessive pressure inside the cylinder. If this valve leaks from the drain pipe or will not discharge when the lever on the end is lifted it should be replaced.


4. Water pipes
Water pipes can leak on or near the hot water system can start to leak, because of the sudden change in temperature when hot water is being used in the building, will cause the metal pipe to expand and contract every time hot water is required.


5. Nylon olives
These are used inside a compression joint, and can sometimes used on hot water systems they will break down and crumble from the constant heat of the hot water cylinder. Just trying to tighten a degraded joint can cause the connection to come apart, spraying hot water everywhere.
We are able to supply and install any electric or solar hot water system for you, on the day. Just click here to contact us, or call us on 0417 633 347 and we can have it all fixed and cleaned up in no time.

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