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At Z-men we are a small team of reliable friendly plumbers who have experience in Brisbane conditions over the last 40 years and are highly trained to do the job PROPERLY the first time.

Using the right tools and the best materials for lasting durability and peace of mind, we at Z-men Plumbing are fully licensed and insured to protect both you and your assets.

home domestic plumbingHot water systems can have leaking valves or leak from the cylinder itself causing loss of hot water. Not many people enjoy having to have a cold shower, even in Brisbane.

Then there is the extra cost of hot water running down the drain, so as much as humanly possible, we always try to have your hot water system REPAIRED ON THE DAY.

We can replace any electric or solar hot water system from 50 – 315 litres and remove the old cylinder for you. A P.I.C. form 4 is required to be submitted by us for all hot water system and tempering valve replacements.

Leaking taps and toilet cisterns and pipes are more than a nuisance. They cost you money, and it is surprising just how much water can be lost in a day.

A toilet cistern running for a week could cost more than the service call to repair it.

For taps and toilet suites, we can repair them to as-new condition or replace them if you require from our stock.

home plumbingOr you may wish to purchase your own taps, mixers and toilet suites, so we will happily install these for you.
All leaking pipes and underground services can be located by Z-Men Plumbing using our Sonic Listening Device and Pipe Location equipment.

Blocked sinks and sewer drains will be cleared by us on the day. Z- Men Plumbing has a range of specialised tools and machines to professionally and quickly clear your drainage problems, so there is no problem too big or too small that we can’t handle.

Gurgling sounds and smells from your drains are usually an indication that you drains are starting to block, so being proactive could save you damage to your floor coverings or a messy situation.

We will clean up after any drains are cleared. If your drains have been damaged by subsidence or tree roots Z- Men Plumbing are able to do Video Inspections and Reports on your drains with our  specialised “SeeSnake” Diagnostic equipment, to pin-point the sections that need repairing.

With Leaking roof and gutters it is surprising how many home owners only realise their rooves are leaking after a few days of rain.

Insurance companies report that one third of total homes in Brisbane have leaking roofs.home domestic plumbing

Often roofs are simple to repair, but the damage to the roof structure and ceilings can be quite substantial and expensive. Sometimes leaves in guttering can block downpipes and cause water to overflow into the roof space. If you have a minor leak or you would like you roof inspected, call us at Z- Men Plumbing phone 0417 633 347 and we can assess what needs to be done and give you an affordable quote.

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