Commercial & High Rise

Commercial & High Rise

Trade wastes from cafes and food preparation areas are required to be done in High Density Polyethylene COS pipe and connected by butt welding or electro fusion couplings.

We at Z-Men plumbing have completed many of these projects and have the right tools and experience for any of these type of proje
cts in Brisbane.

Circulating Hot water is often used in hospitals, high rise office blocks, apartments and unit buildings.

In this system a bank of water heaters with storage tanks circulate the hot water through the ring main, and the hot water in the pipes provides ecommercial plumberxtra storage of hot water as well as providing quick access to hot water.

These ring mains will have sub-mains within them. Throttling valves control the flow of hot water through the sub-mains. In a balanced system hot water should not be less than 60 degrees C. at all times.

When there is failure of the hot water heaters or circulation pumps, or unbalance in the system, this could allow high temperature bacteria and
legionella to live in the system.

Stormwater & sewer pumps and pits are usually in the basement or lower car park level. These pumps are built to be tough and receive a lot of punishment.

Often the stormwater pumps fail during heavy rainfall periods, causing car parks to flood.

commercial plumberSewer pumps failing will require the pits to be pumped out by a truck until the pump can be replaced. Z- Men Plumbing has replaced many of these pumps in the Brisbane metro area, so can be relied on for any of these emergencies.

Body Corporate issues. Leaks in water risers and droppers in the building, low water pressure on some levels, leaking control valves to units, blocked drains and waste pipes in ducts, leaking roofs and leaking downpipes are all common problems in body corporate domains.

With over 20 years specializing in commercial plumbing in Brisbane, we at Z-Men Plumbing believe we have seen it all. There is not a problem that is too great, nor a job too small for us to repair.

Internal leaks in the building can be caused by a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioner, leaking shower recess, toilet cistern service or mixers.commercial plumber

Water from these leaks can and do travel under kitchen cupboards, through tiled walls and floors, from one room to the next, into the apart
ment next door and to the apartment below.

So the damage bill for some of these leaks can be unbelievable high, particularly if dangerous bacterial mould is found during the drying process.

Call us as soon as you discover the problem to minimise both the damage and the cost to you.


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