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</span> </div> </article> </aside> </div> <!-- div#sidebar_main --> </div> <!-- </div> class="main" role="main"> --> </div> <!-- /.mainWrap --> <div class="footerContentWrap"> <footer class="footerWrap footerStyleDark"> <div class="main footerWidget widget_area"> <div class="columnsWrap"><aside id="text-8" class="columns1_3 widgetWrap widget-number-1 widget widget_text"> <div class="textwidget"><figure class="sc_image sc_image_shape_square"><img src="" alt="" /></figure> </div> </aside><aside id="text-9" class="columns1_3 widgetWrap widget-number-2 widget widget_text"><h3 class="title">About</h3> <div class="textwidget"> P.O. 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} // Add skin's user menu (user panel) fore colors in the custom styles function theme_skin_set_user_menu_color(custom_style, clr) { return custom_style; } jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery.reject({ reject : { all: false, // Nothing blocked msie5: true, msie6: true, msie7: true, msie8: true // Covers MSIE 5-8 /* * Possibilities are endless... * * // MSIE Flags (Global, 5-8) * msie, msie5, msie6, msie7, msie8, * // Firefox Flags (Global, 1-3) * firefox, firefox1, firefox2, firefox3, * // Konqueror Flags (Global, 1-3) * konqueror, konqueror1, konqueror2, konqueror3, * // Chrome Flags (Global, 1-4) * chrome, chrome1, chrome2, chrome3, chrome4, * // Safari Flags (Global, 1-4) * safari, safari2, safari3, safari4, * // Opera Flags (Global, 7-10) * opera, opera7, opera8, opera9, opera10, * // Rendering Engines (Gecko, Webkit, Trident, KHTML, Presto) * gecko, webkit, trident, khtml, presto, * // Operating Systems (Win, Mac, Linux, Solaris, iPhone) * win, mac, linux, solaris, iphone, * unknown // Unknown covers everything else */ }, imagePath: "", header: "Your browser is out of date", // Header Text paragraph1: "You are currently using an unsupported browser", // Paragraph 1 paragraph2: "Please install one of the many optional browsers below to proceed", closeMessage: "Close this window at your own demise!" // Message below close window link }); 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