Fans Are Frustrated With Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare’s Present State

Fans Are Frustrated With Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare’s Present State

The phone call of Duty: contemporary Warfare community keeps growing frustrated with Activision’s current actions because they await a fix for a number of lingering dilemmas.

Mortal Kombat 11 Drops To Its Cheapest Cost Ever

GameStop is providing a deep discount that slashes the purchase price by 50% for NetherRealm Studios’ 2019 combat game, Mortal Kombat 11.

Florida Man Arrested While attempting to Quarantine on a Disney’s Discovery Island

Personal isolation has driven numerous to get ways that are alternate enjoy by themselves, but this Florida guy took things too much, choosing to whole up at Disney.

Animal Crossing: Brand Brand New Horizon Fan Causes Diamond and Pearl’s Sinnoh Map In-Game

An Crossing that is animal Horizons player terraforms their area to appear such as the Sinnoh area from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Insomniac Games Might Be Teasing a unique Title, But It Is Perhaps Perhaps Not Spider-Man 2

Could Insomniac Games be bringing the beloved PlayStation 3 first-person shooter series Resistance right straight right back as PlayStation 5 launch name?

Dr DisRespect Closes His Twitch Chat After Being Told to Enjoy Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare By Having A Controller

In a fit of rage, Dr DisRespect shuts down his Twitch chat after an indicator from 1 of their watchers delivers him on the edge.

PlayStation VR Finger-Tracking Controller Prototypes Revealed

Sony showcases its model reality that is virtual with finger-tracking, prompting questions about a possible PS VR 2 headset.

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The process: Total Madness ended up being the most-popular show on cable television on Wednesday. This week, while it’s airing 88.5 hours of Ridiculousness that’s the only time MTV aired that episode.

Exactly why are voted-out Survivor champions playing harder compared to those within the game?

Confronted with challenges, one selection of Survivor winners threw in the towel, while the other pushed through.