The Web Dating Ripoff Guys Just Can’t Resist

The Web Dating Ripoff Guys Just Can’t Resist

I purchased a hookup ID. and I also couldn’t think exactly just what occurred next.

exactly exactly How irresistible? Several thousand males throughout the Web are checking their wallets and spending $30 or higher for fake “hookup IDs”. With 60 million online dating sites users in america alone, my most readily useful guess is the scammers are raking in seven numbers.

In this short article I dissect just exactly just how this scam works, and just exactly what occurred whenever I posed being a target and purchased a hookup ID. We reported the process that is entire screenshots and certainly will walk you through the whole thing. But first, a bit more background with this scam.

Here’s a example that is typical of the scam starts on Tinder.

She’s hot! No real surprise guys are dropping with this one.

The way the Hookup ID Ripoff Functions

You have been exposed to the scam if you’re a man using online dating apps there’s a very good chance. Perhaps you also dropped because of it.

Update 2020: Hundreds of men have written in and it’s clear that there are MANY versions of this scam february. Dozens, or even hundreds. It goes on numerous various names, which we’ll enter further below. Simply given that it will not stick to the under pattern does not always mean you’re maybe not being scammed.

We learned all about this scam after encountering it myself, and chose to research it further. Eventually, I went ahead and place my charge card down and purchased a hookup ID simply to see just what would take place ( more about that later). The scam typically goes something similar to this:

  • You match with a woman that is really attractive tinder, or other application.
  • “She” chats to you, lets you know she discovers you appealing.
  • She informs you she desires to meet both you and it is down for a hookup, to be able to feel safe she requires you to receive confirmed to see your hookup ID.