Currently reading : Psychology of Bondage: Why do individuals get it done?

Currently reading : Psychology of Bondage: Why do individuals get it done?

A Re-blog from Sang Bleu 6 factor Esinem’s weblog examining the reasons for why people be involved in bondage.

Redress of real energy

Bondage alters the total amount of energy. A more powerful partner is rendered helpless, which by itself may be an uncommon and charged experience. A individual that is naturally active passive or vice versa. And also this starts up new horizons of tactile, emotional, sensual and possibilities that are imaginative. This would probably be it if i were to select one reason for introducing bondage into an otherwise‘vanilla’ relationship. Don’t underestimate how unique and effective this experience could be very first time round.

Expiation of shame

Most of us, particularly ladies, are mentioned using the notion of shame pertaining to intercourse or, at least, with regards to particular functions or behavior: The “nice girls don’t do that mentality that is. Bondage can help expiate this shame by giving the convenient reason to be tangled up and therefore ‘unable’ to resist, safe word not withstanding. Hence, the restraints that are social eliminated: Freedom through bondage!


The ropes can hug your body such as for instance a lover’s embrace producing a feeling this is certainly safe and comforting. Frequently, after the more constraining bondage happens to be eliminated, the sub may be reluctant to relinquish the physical human anatomy harness.

Erotic results

The ropes may be used to caress, during tying or untying, if they are drawn throughout the human body and, in specific, the greater areas that are sensitive.