The Gorgeous, Secret History of Leather Fetish Fashion

The Gorgeous, Secret History of Leather Fetish Fashion

This is the story of how leather became a symbol of masculinity and sexuality from post-war motorcycle groups to modern-day sex apps

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“When I’m using my leathers, i love the way in which I have become this kind of expression, a trope, of masculinity and sex, ” describes Max, a 38-year-old gay guy from London. Max is really a “leatherman” or “leatherdaddy”, two typical descriptors for homosexual and bisexual males who fetishise leather clothing and add-ons.


Posters through the British Leather Archive at Bishopsgate Institute

“Fetish fashion” could be the term utilized to explain the intrinsic website link between clothing and intimate fetishes, with materials like leather-based, lace, latex, and plastic holding prominence that is particular.