Our materials are aligned using the nationwide criteria 2 and enables you to fulfill those needs.

Our materials are aligned using the nationwide criteria 2 and enables you to fulfill those needs.

The whole website is driven with a database which provides the capacity to filter by market, language (English and Spanish), topic, medium, and concept.

Our resources offer individual finance information at many different levels plus in various circumstances. These literacy that is financial is as formal as an on-line program administered by an trainer whom follows each student’s progress, or they could be since casual as a person locating a simulated talk about debit cards or a video clip conversation about school funding and picking right up a couple of guidelines. An example is a fresh course that is short “The Art of Decision creating,” which could be considered by a complete course to start out a discussion about decision creating as a framework for individual finance. Each of our online courses are provided with a available web site, enabling you to utilize the product and extract information at might. This could be the way in which customers and groups that are external our materials, by giving the team with a web link towards the resources and permitting them to finish the course separately.

When librarians are themselves informed about appropriate dilemmas and resources—in this situation, within the industries of economics and finance—and that is personal with top-quality educational materials, the collection is preparing to provide its pupils.

We additionally provide “instructor access,” allowing a teacher to give each pupil with an account.

trainers can also monitor pupil performance for a pre-test, as they progress through the program, after which in the post-test.


In summary, we wish to share with you the St. Louis Fed’s perspective on three issues that are important.

Financial literacy

The St. Louis Fed way of literacy that is financial for a financial thought processes. This is certainly, we observe that money are scarce, scarcity requires decision creating, incentives affect decision creating, as soon as individuals make alternatives they sustain possibility expenses.