Blocked drains

When you find your drains blocked, if you have a PVC pipe, then the waste local job listings from your kitchen, bathroom and laundry can be easily cleared.

If, however you have older metal waste pipes, this can be more difficult and they will often need to be replaced.

It is common for floor waste gullies in bathrooms to become blocked, which makes them over flow when using the shower or basin in that room.

Toilet pans are now designed to work more efficiently with less water. Make sure you avoid using too much toilet paper or wipe cloths, as this will cause your toilet pan to block up, usually just downstream of the pipe from the toilet pan.

Waste over flowing from a grate in your yard: This is caused by a blockage in the sewer line and can be cleared using a Cable machine to screw down and cut away the blockage, or a high pressure Jetter that uses a jet of high pressure water to cut away the blockage.

Blockages can be caused by excess toilet paper, wipe cloths, toys, and even roots entering through cracks in pipes or breaks in pipes.

If your drains continually block up, they should be inspected using a CCTV (Close Circuit TV Camera) for a Diagnostic video inspection to diagnose the cause, and report on the repairs that can solve your problem.

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